Feeling better, new opportunities and summer.

Hey journal, 

I know it’s been a long time since I last felt the need to write on my journal I just thought that an update was needed. Ok so first things first I’ve got a new job! Admittedly I’ve been praying for a full time job so that me and tom can move out of home next year and finally be independent! Thank god for providing me with the amazing opportunity to do something different and work with adults with learning disabilities. I know I haven’t been to church for a long tim but maybe I might go back, the reason being that a lovely new friend I made during my induction for my new job is a Christian and she inspires me to maybe go back and reignite my faith. Only thing is I don’t want t take on too much and become mentally ill again. 

As for being ill I’m much better now then I was and I now am much happier and I have a reason to get up and go to work now, my nursery job finished and next thing I’m moving on to will provide me with an exciting opportunity to help the community. Summer has come and gone and it’s been an ok summer, warm and lovely. Only been in the sea once though! As I’ve learnt do one thing at a time so action plan is to pay off my bills and get settled in my new job. Also going to continue with gb and swats once a week and see how I go for the first few months before I sign up to a gym possibly again in the new year and possibly church again too. 

I think that’s pretty much all covered now and well heres to the next chapter!😀


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