Out with the old and in with the new.

Hey journal! So finally my laptop is being updated at last, which means I can finally finish off my nano novel! 

Also other good news is that I deleted all the photos of me and my ex. He can well piss off as far as I’m concerned. Me and my lovely boyfriend tom are now solid, more so then ever before. Life seems to be going my way for a change and that actually feels good. It’s about time my life got better. I know I’ll have depression and aniexty for the rest of my life now, but I can actually get through life easier. Good news is I’m back to looking for work, retail and fashion mostly. Long term goal is to save up to go away to university in a year so for September 2017. Plan is to study drama and performance arts and to become a drama teacher as the end. Always loved acting and singing, it’s been a huge part of my life. I even went to danc  school when I was a child, always loved poetry and writing. Singing and acting, alongside makeup is in my blood. 

Ha you could say I’m a drama queen of sorts ☺️

Still drawing and painting and slowly getting better at it, but I’ll admit I’ll never be a fine artist, but as long as it makes me happy then who cares? Art therapy is by far the best ever. 

Another thing that shocked me were all the old photos I had of when I was massive. As in a uk size 24-26. I’m now a 12-16. Still around the same weight but the inches are disappearing and that to me feels AWESOME! I’m finally at the right size for my body and that is the important thing. It’s not the scales, it’s how you feel that’s important.

Anyway at last I have Windows 10 on my laptop. Blogging this from my iPad but yea here’s to finally feeling good into the new year. This year is for me and for all of you out there too. 

Grab life by the balls, or so they say 😀



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