Ah how the muses flow!

Ok so hi again journal and well world. 

I have finally reached the conclusion of what I want to do as a career and let me tell you, it is somewhat enlightening to finally discover what ones true talents are. 

Now as I am quite artistic and I adore my drama, I have decided to go into the arts, whilst doing a temp job for money. Then from there on I plan to do a degree in secondary school teaching and teach art and design alongside drama as my two specialist subjects. 

However had my last tablet tonight, which is great news for me and my mental health. I’ve finally begun to win the war over my inner demons and that gives me great happiness. I am keeping my plans quiet for now until Tuesday morning which is my ward round that myself and my mum are attending. Now as I have written in here before she can be very nit picky and over protective which was a key factor in my stress levels which I think lead to me having depression and aniexty in the first place as she still expects me to pay her board money. It’s hard when you have bills to pay and your only income is a cheque that’s not for very much only comes to you once a week. 

Anyway plans for this year are to get a job, maybe do a btec diploma at the college of fe in arts and design, and well go from there really. 

That’s the plan batman! 😀


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