Last post of the year.

Hey Journal!

So it is the 31st December 2015. I’ve had a pretty rough couple of months to end the year on. I’ve been in the local mental health hospital for at least a month before being given overnight leave, which is almost being fully discharged but not yet. I have had a great Christmas at home, and am spending New Year’s at home too, no alcohol involved. Surprisingly you can have a lot of fun sans alcohol.

Plans for the New Year involve getting a job asap, and then travelling, weddings to go to and hopefully moving out of home with my boyfriend. I also want to become a primary school teacher so really need to go through education and do it as locally as possible. I have always wanted to teach and it was one of those things my dad told me that I would be more satisfied as a teacher then anything else before he died.

I’ve been drawing and painting a lot on instagram and on twitter. My instagram name is @deliciouslyunderestimated and my twitter is @IslandChick19

I am eager to sell some of my artwork, to gain a bit of recognition I suppose, the best artists out there are a little crazy no?

Anyway here is wishing all my readers a Happy New Year for 2016. Let’s make it our year!



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