Hello, Inspiration and UPLIFTING thoughts to restart my life and my blog.

Hi Journal,

Ok so FINALLY decided to actually kickstart this blog back into gear. You see,  in the new year I am intending to finally start up my own business. Now Fine I’m awake, NBD. Anxiety is a weird feeling but however I’ve decided to blog and that and share my thoughts and feelings with everyone.

First of all MY main role model who is famous, is Julia Roberts. She is the most amazing hollywood actress. If any of this blog or fan art I am going to send her way makes it, that would mean SO much to me. I have watched a lot of her films recently and SHE is the woman I have always aspired to me. First of all Notting Hill. All time classic and favourite film to start with. I have such a rich heritage. And just wanted to spread this message around. Helping people in need is part of my job as a feminist, as a strong prescence in this world in this state of chaos and confusion. Everyone is everywhere all at once.

However anyway back to my point in hand, I watched EAT, PRAY, LOVE this morning with Julia roberts as the lead character. It made me realize I really need to nourish my soul and this blog is going to help me to do that. I know so many WRIMOS out there that need this blog, this help (HI LAUREN! *WAVES*)

Anyhow THIS is my message of faith, humility, humbleness etc.

I went back to church this evening. I am very spiritual. I know that God dwells within deep in my soul, but haven’t quite got there yet.

Life is a journey not a rush and that is another key lesson that I have learnt, It is time to let things go, to process. I am finally going to restart my nano after this as really need to write and well make it to 25k if I can 😀

So anyway I was talking about inspiration so well here goes nothing:

  1. I lost my dad when I was 14/15. A very uneasy point in my life which was strange, went into shock straight away like, where am I what am I doing? I don’t understand where he went. However from my dad I have learnt the VALUE of hard work, NEVER give up on your dreams, DON’T panic. So what if people have failed me in my past. It’s time to seal the deal with the here and now.

2. From my nan: I lost her 3 years ago now. It’s time to deal with my mahoosive fear of being rejected. I hate the pushiness of everything I have been through. It’s always good to reconnect back again to everyone in your life right now. You have to deal with your past, before you can sort out the present, then eventually look forward to the future. I miss her, I regret not speaking to her one last time before she died. However she will be ok. I lost her to breast cancer, which I guess it what happens when you finally begin to grow up. Older and wiser. I have my faith and humility and humbleness again. LOVED Church tonight, its a seed that needs to grow and be nurtured. That is the point of tonight is to get it all out and to get ready for the morning. I can’t sleep but that’s ok. I’m actually happy with being awake tonight.

3. From my mum: I have learnt how to care for and reassure people in my life in the here and now, it’s finally ok to be open, to be vulnerable once in a while. Life gets hectic and in the way sometimes. It’s ok to be PASSIONATE for what you believe in. Shes always there if I need her.


5. From my Tom, my love, my rock, my base. He has a good soul and a good heart, he can’t see it yet, but again I am always here for him. SCREW YOU KAI! I love him more than words can explain and feel that he is my one true passion.

Also MOST importantly is to KEEP GOING! REVITALIZE!

Anyhow Life is OUT there for the TAKING! and NOW I AM FINALLY BEGINNING TO FIND MY FEET. Does not matter WHAT MATERIAL YOU HAVE! IT’S TIME to turn it all around, at least I am writing. THIS still counts as NOVELLING!


LOVE AND PRAYERS! Yea ok Keep on keeping on, French, Italian, German, America. I am with you all now at this hard time.



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