Just don’t know what to do with myself…

Well I did nanowrimo and it is now december and nearly a week since I won it. I am not sure of what to attempt next as a creative person. I’ve got a few novel ideas floating around in my head, but I would love to go back and edit and rewrite and organize the plot better from my NaNo novel. I had spent so long writing it though which means that I am sick of it almost which is kind of silly really. I might have to take it out a chapter at a time and work on that, as well as my prologue. But I got the idea down , I’ve got the first very rough draft of what could be a great fantasy novel with lots of editing.

I do have some spare time over the next few days, of which I think I will attempt to edit my nano novel! I so want to publish it online soon to see what people think…



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